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Established since 2007, we are a leading manufacturer of high quality, fine gauge circular and warp knitted fabrics predominantly used in the intimate apparel, sportswear, swimwear, and athletic applications industry.

Gemma Knits works closely with our clients, who are international leading brands across the world, to create the most innovative and creative fabrics to match the ongoing trends and demands. We strive to give added value to our products and for the customers with our expert R&D team as well as a highly efficient technical production team. As a vertical group, we have the most advanced dyeing and finishing plant in Thailand. This allows us to internally monitor the product from design up to finished fabric to comply with strict quality control standards.

Our facilities

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Knitting factory

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Knitting Machines

Knitting Machines


Dyeing factory

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Dyeing Lab

Gamma Textile Mfg. Co. Ltd.